Lillestrøm Bicycle Hotel

The National Rail Administration of Norway were awarded the Oslo Package 3 funds for construction of a bicycle hotel at Lillestrøm station. ROM Eiendom AS, on behalf of the administration has engaged Various Architects to design the new project.
Lillestrøm Train Station is one of the the largest and most important stations in the Greater Oslo, and also plays key role as Airport Express Station. Skedsmo municipality is in the process of gearing up its cycle network in the city center, and it is so important that the National Rail facilitates safe and functional bicycle parking at the station.

The design focuses on creating  positive contribution to the surroundings , so that there is an element of public benefit. This is achieved by creating a spectacular green roof  open to the public. The roof connects the project to the nearby train station plaza. The whole hotel glows at night, making it the ideal spot for anyone to enjoy a quiet moment overlooking the city’s clear night sky.

Status:Under construction
Client:ROM eiendom AS
Location:Lillestrøm, Norway
Size:500 m2
Team: Alexander H. Berg, Ibrahim Elhayawan, Isabell Adamofski, Matteo Compri, Marius H. Næss