Various Architects has been commissioned to design a single family house, located in the south of Oslo, Norway. The site is characterised by a long shape and enjoys a great view of Oslo fjord. The house is to be built in the space between an existing building on the site and an immediate neighbour.

Our main concept is a direct solution to the challenging site shape and regulatory limitations.

The building is designed with long and narrow proportions (6m x 19m) to fit within the site limits. In order to minimise the amount of circulation, the entrance is placed at the center of the building and creates a vertical cut through the main volume. In this central void, all the vertical and horizontal circulations are placed. This results in two independent, north and south wings. The bedrooms and private areas are placed in the quiet northern wing. Meanwhile the living room areas and kitchen are placed in the southern wing, with maximum view and natural lighting. The slabs are then shifted half a level upwards to give the possibility for a lower guest suite, at the same time grants a generous height to the living room in the south.

The central cut and split creates an atrium, bathed by sunlight, with which all the spaces in the house have a close interaction. The efficiency of distribution, creates large independent spaces with a lot of sunlight, good views and privacy.

Client:Midgard AS
Size:300 m2

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