Villa Faun

Various Architects has been commisioned to design a four apartment house at a beautiful site at Slemdal, near the Holmenkollen ski jump, at the North West hill side in Oslo, Norway. The site has a view to the fjord and all the way to Fornebu and has close access to the tram line. The neighbourhood is characterized by all kinds of building styles from the last 100 years. The new building should therefore be calm, but modern, in the context and it should communicate well with its immediate neighbours.

Some important concept to guide the design was the relationship between the quality of the shared building and at the same time the individuality of each unit. The design discusses this through allowing a wooden envelope to embrace the interior spaces. On the remaining two sides the volume is more open with light elements of u-glass. These sides reveal a split level which works well on the sloped site as well as giving the different units different relationships to each other, the landscape and the view. A day lid atrium adds great qualities to the shared space as well as access to all units to the shared garden.

The interiors are playful, functional and all different. Wet rooms and kitchens are however located on top of each other as far as possible for a more sustainable project. The thick exterior wooden walls come into the interior to create space for cupboards, bookshelves and fascinatingly deep window sills.

Status:Building application approved
Location:Oslo, Norway
Size:1000 m2
Team: Alexander H. Berg, Birgitte J. Haug, Ibrahim Elhayawan, Isabell Adamofski, Laura Martinez

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