10 Designers Who Are Shaping The Future

Various Architects featured in Azure Magazine


The September issue of Azure Magazine is focused on “great ideas you should know about”. They have selected 10 cutting edge designers in the fields of architecture, computer programming, industrial design, and sustainable technologies. Various Architects’ Mobile Performance Venue project was chosen for it’s innovative design and forward thinking. We are proud to be among other innovative designers such as Neri Oxman of MIT and Ben Fry/Casey Reas the creators of Processing. An image of the MPV was also chosen as the headline for the article on the Azure Magazine website.

“…we’ve compiled our own top 10 list of designers who have found ways to unravel complex concepts and bring them into the physical world, to everyone’s benefit. While these leaders are not all hooked on electronic information, the free flow of ideas has, in one manner or another, influenced and accelerated their creative processes. Their outstanding ideas are routed toward information sharing as much as to science, creative ingenuity, and that beautiful human habit of dreaming.”

“Mobile Performance Venue, Norway

Ibrahim Elhayawan and Jim Dodson, Architects

At 3,900 square metres, the Mobile Performance Venue is expected to be the largest transportable performance space in the world. Designed by Various Architects of Norway, the inflatable structure is no bouncy toy. With a robust web of pumped-up hexagons wrapping a collapsible lightweight core of steel and aluminum, its surprisingly sturdy construction houses ticket booths, restrooms, cloakrooms, and a bar on the upper mezzanine.”

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