Various developments

Various Architects partners Alexander Berg and Ibrahim Elhayawan have started development business, which is based on buying, renovating and selling old apartments in down town of Oslo.

Our concept is focused on creating harmony between old and modern designs. We also focus on creating quality solutions with affordable prices. We are learning a lot from these development projects. They give better understanding and dialogue with investors who share our philosophy.

These development projects have had great success. They give us a great deal of satisfaction as they have positive contribution to the society.


Ekeberg Housing complex approved

Building application approved for E 138 housing project. There has been minor design modifications including transforming roof type for the front building to flat roof, which creates a roof terrace, and increase the out door areas for the project. This change also creates optimal view towards Oslo fjord for building behind.

TPAC construction in progress

The construction of Taipei Performing Arts Center continues. These images, taken by Kevin Mak (OMA), during site visit by Managing Partner-Architect of OMA, David Gianotten. The images show great development on the construction site. Various Architects partner, Ibrahim Elhayawan was the project leader for OMA team through Preliminary Services phase, schematic design phase, working closely with OMA partners in charge, Rem Koolhas and David Gianotten.

We look forward to the completion of the whole project next year.

Hurum Farm House Completed

Hurum Farm House completed this year. The building sits really well in the landscape as the placement was designed on site. The living areas have a peaceful panoramic view over the Norwegian green fields.

The design process was a collaboration with the client, Terje Wiggo Nielsen, who made early sketches of the house with a vision to create flexible, modern farm house that combines living and working spaces.