Concept design presentation

First client presentation of our design for their new two-family house.


The design for the house consists of two C shaped volumes floating over each other and the terrain. Each household is represented by a distinct volume. The central stairwell gives access to all levels, from the garage in the basement to the roof terrace. Visitor’s entrance for both houses is from the stairwell and walkway out front. Bedrooms and bathrooms are placed in the northern corner of the site away from the street, whereas the taller and more open living spaces face south towards the views and sun.


Cheongna tower 3D print

Rapid prototyping print of the Cheongna 3D model.

We might not have won the competition, but we did manage to “build” our tower design anyway (at a slightly smaller scale). John Harding of Ramboll Whitby-Bird printed the model and photographed it in their London offices. We’ll be printing it’s twin here in Oslo soon.

Facade and volume study delivered

We have completed the first phase of investigations for renovation and expansion at Thorvald Meyers gt. 89 in Oslo.

This goal of this 4 week study was to examine the expansion possibilities for this historical corner building at Thorvald Meyers gt. and Søndre gate in Oslo. The original building from the late 1800s is in serious need of renovation, we have proposed 5 alternative ways of expansion that preserve the original building in varying degrees.

We propose that the original facades are stripped back to their original state and a new volume built to the right in place of previous additions. Our goal is to create an addition that respects the existing building and creates an exciting balance between old and new within the site. Proposed program is for high-end boutiques in the main floors, with some ancillary office spaces on top.

Test inflation of the full scale mock-up

The first inflation of the full scale mock-up took place at the offices of ESS in London today.

Camilla and Ibrahim were there to record the event and to attend a project team meeting with the engineers from Ramboll Whitby-Bird, ESS, and Tectoniks.

The 4 x 6 meter unit inflated fully in just over two minutes. The pressure inside the PVC skin was enough that you could stand or sit on it without making a noticable indentation. The overall impression was that the quality was good and that the concept of the hexagonal structural skin is sound.

This is the first in a series of full scale models for the inflatable structural skin of the Arts Alliance Mobile Performance Venue. A new model representing the final build quality will be constructed and put on exhibition at a press event in London in June (date and location to be confirmed).

Rapid prototyping video

Video of our rapid prototyping test print on YouTube.

Today we posted a video showing the process of removing and cleaning the 3D print from the printer. Jim managed to break the model (twice) on the way out of the machine, but the result was still interesting. This was just the first of many prints to come now that we have the technology in-house via our colleagues at Pivot. We will be using the machine to create many more test prints of the facade and structural pattern as the design develops.


Click here to see video website launched

We are pleased to bring our new webpages online, design by Junebug.

Our new webpages are designed to be easily updated in order for us to be able to continuously publish new projects and news as they happen. Today, exactly 3 months after we took over our new office space we already have 6 projects online and more to come.

If you are interested in following the developments at the main page and each project page have RSS feeds enabled to keep you informed when we update the site. Bookmark the feed to stay in touch.

Thanks to our officemates Marianne of Junebug for our logo/webdesign and to Jensa of for getting things up and running.