Testing A-Møbler Lighting

A-Møbler furniture warehouse is under construction. The design concept is to create a glowing facade that creates a lively and inviting project. Therefore we are doing extensive testing for the lighting of both facades and interior. The project is expected to open in October this year.

Ensjø Competition Unveiled

Various Architects Delivered Ensjø Mixed Use invited competition. The project consists of 15,000 m2 housing blocks and 10,000 office building and commercial spaces. The main concept is to open public areas and garden through the site connecting the green belt to main square adjacent to the site. This approach activates the site and maximise the commercial spaces as well as providing an element of public benefit to the project. The optimum quality of the housing block is ensured by providing maximum day light at the same time providing sufficient privacy.

TPAC roof topping ceremony

Ibrahim Elhayawan from Various Architects was invited to roof topping ceremony for the Taipei Performing Arts Centre. Ibrahim was the project leader for OMA team through Preliminary Services phase, schematic design phase, working closely with OMA partners in charge, Rem Koolhas and David Gianotten.

The theatre complex is designed around a transparent cube. It consists of three auditoriums, including a 1,500-seat Grand theatre, 800-seat Multi Form theatre and 800-seat Proscenium playhouses which will be contained in a large spherical volume.