Drawings of the Oslofjord Guesthouse

Planning application submitted this week

Our latest residential project in Oslo will be sent to the planning authorities for approval this week. The project started with the client’s desire for an extra bedroom for guests, an upgrade to the existing swimming pool, and a small room to be used as a wine cellar. The current house has been added on to several times in it’s lifetime, so instead of tacking on yet another piece to the puzzle, we wanted to create a new addition that was all but invisible from the house itself, yet added new functionality and possibilities for the family. The solution is instead integrated into the hillside next to a new swimming pool with an amazing view over the Oslofjord.

By creating a new basement level connected to the house by a winter garden, the project creates a whole new set of living and sleeping spaces for the family and their guests. The basement provides an informal new setting for the family to relax, while also providing a home-office and guestroom. You can never get enough storage, so one whole wall is filled with integrated storage cabinets, and the wine-cellar is hidden behind the bookshelf just like all wine-cellars should be. The basement room has an unobstructed view over the fjord and an outdoor terrace that connects to the path back to the swimming pool. The guest room bathroom also doubles as a bathroom for the pool with it’s own door to the outside.

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