Fluid Forms Exhibition

Two VA projects are on exhibit at The Architecture Centre, Bristol

Various Architects is proud to be displayed alongside projects by Zaha Hadid and RMJM as a part of the “Flud Forms: Structural Efficiency from Abstract Architecture” exhibit at The Architecture Centre in Bristol. The Exhibition, curated by engineers from Ramboll UK is about evolving structurally efficient systems from seemingly abstract forms. Two boards presenting on the Arts Alliance Mobile Performance Venue and the Cheongna City Tower are on display as well as two 3D printed models.

Text from the exhibition:

The world of ‘digital architecture’ is developing fast. Architects are embracing new technology with great enthusiasm and gradually challenging one by one the preconceived ideas of how a building is designed. As architects push the boundaries of their profession so structural engineers are responding by questioning standard structural typologies and generating new and exciting solutions.

Through imaginative use of parametric software and analysis tools, structural engineers Ramboll have developed modelling techniques and structural solutions which are innovative and inspirational. Here they present a range of new projects which employ these techniques and which they hope will serve to educate, please and provoke debate.