Kokstad Vest Masterplan in Bergen

Concept design underway with Code and Lala Land


Code has asked Various Architects and Lala Land to collaborate with them on the development of a masterplan concept for the Kokstad Vest area in Bergen. Bergen Tomteselskap has invited 3 teams to create proposals for the area as a part of Asplan Viak’s consequence analysis and planning for the area.

Kokstad Vest is located directly adjacent to Flesland Airport in Bergen, and has the potential to become an outlying center of business for the city as the airport expands and grows. The site is bordered by existing commercial and light industry to the east and by popular an important green areas to the north. The extension of Bergen’s new light rail system “Bybanen” to the airport creates many interesting possibilities for the creation of an  innovative and green center for business and technology.

The project is underway and will be delivered in mid-november 2010, more information to come.

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