Larvik 1-10 School Startup

Design Team Meeting #1 at Various Architects’ office.

Various Architects recently hosted the first design team meeting for the new Larvik 1-10 School at our offices in Storgata 25. Our collaborators from Cebra and Østengen & Bergo were here together with our client Larvik Kommunale Eiendom, and their project leader OPAK. There have already been several successful meetings with the team and the client, and we expect all contract negotiations to be completed soon. There will be new design team meetings every two weeks throughout the preliminary design and schematic design period.

The team is already at work to study the comments of the jury and the school’s users from the competition. A revised competition scheme will be presented to the users in Larvik on June 16’th that takes on board these minor changes. Various Architects has begun work on a 1:20 study model of the school’s main atrium space, which will be used to study the space and as a tool to explain the building to the client and users.

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