Mesterfjellet School under construction

Construction for Mesterfjellet School project has started and the exisiting school building has already been demolished. The project is expected to be completed in 2014.

The design of Mesterfjellet shcool is charactarized by cleanly arranging the education areas with a degree of generality that allows for different furnishings and interior concepts. In this way the teaching areas can be further developed together with the building users without having to change the overall building form or concept. The flexibility of the classrooms also allows for future changes in teaching style of philosophy as necessary.

Mesterfjellet school turns the atrium school concept on it’s edge to give the central space a connection to the world outside. This creates better daylight conditions while maintaining the synergies of placing the common functions around the center. Unlike a typical atrium school where an introverted central space is surrounded in plan by functions with and only has light from above.

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