Mesterfjellet School User Group Update

1:25 scale model presented to users in Larvik


Various Architects, Cebra, and Østengen & Bergo participated in two days’ of user workshops in Larvik, hosted by our client Larvik Kommunale Eiendom. A 1:25 model of the building was carried to Larvik to allow the users to better understand the inner workings of each floor. The building’s future users were divided into groups by floor for a detailed walk-through and a chance to make comments and ask for changes. The response from the users was overwhelmingly positive, and we used up two whole packs of sticky-notes to record their comments.


The 1:25 model was the product of weeks of hard work from VA staff and model building helpers. The final day of building has been captured in a time-lapse film, here on YouTube.


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