Mobile Venue Construction Elements

A squence of images showing the main elements of the project.

1 – A modular flooring system forms the base of the project to level uneven sites and spread foundation loads. Structural elements of lightweight steel and aluminium form a stiff inner core for the project. All elements can be broken down for transport in standard shipping containers.

2 – The structure is covered by fabric to create an enclosing volume around the performance space. Service functions are carved out of the volume and the upper mezzanine can be used as exhibition or catering space. The five 12 x 7 meter screens are visible on the interior.

3 – Lightweight aluminum portals add horizontal stability and brace the self-supporting inflatable skin.

4 – The exterior skin is made of white inflatable tubes of PVC coated fabric with translucent inflated ‘cushions’ inbetween. The skin is inflated by a controlled bank of fans that monitor and maintain air pressure.

5 – An optional covering for the performance space is created by a 4 meter tall ring beam of varying width. Pairs of cables support an inner tension ring much like a bicycle wheel. A fabric roof is attached to the underside and an optional inflatable cover can be used if weather requires.

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