Mobile Performance Venue in Print

An overview of the latest publications featuring the MPV

Press requests for information about our Mobile Performance Venue project continue to stream in. The project keeps popping up in architecture and design magazines worldwide. Here is a selection of scans of the lastest hard copies we have received.

C3 Magazine from Korea published an issue entitled “Pavilions in the Vanguard of Architecture” which featured an 8 page article about the project. This is one of the most in-depth to date and includes a lot of our process images and early sketches. Building Design included the project in their “How We Cracked It” segment, which shows off difficult engineering challenges. MEADA (Middle East Art Design and Architecture) magazine presented the project over 6 pages and included our first description of the project in arabic. MARK Magazine (our favorite architecture magazine these days) included a two page case study about the project’s inflatable outer skin.

Partial list of publications to date:

•Design Interiør 05/08

•Mark Magazine (#16 and #18)

•C3 – Pavilions in the Vanguard of Architecture (#292)

•Building (08/08)

•Deutsche BauZeitschrift (9/2009)

•Baumeister (B9/2009)

•Perspektive (sept 2008)

•iLook (#39)

•AV Projectos (027-2008)

•Arkitektnytt (07.08.2008)

•VG “Grizzled og Moderne” (15.08.2008)