Munch + Stenersen Competition Exhibition

Exhibition of Munch+Stenersen and Diechmanske Library now open to the public

At 2:00 pm the 12’th of March the most important architecture exhibition in Oslo since the Oslo Opera competition opened. A representative from Hav Eiendom called the competitions and the exhibition their gift to Oslo. The “Frosken” exhibition hall at Tullinløkka was packed with architects, press, and an anxious public who all wanted to get the first glimpse of the works.

The 39 projects will be on display until the end of the month. Jury work has begun, and the winner will be announced on March 27.

Images of all Munch + Stenersen projects available here.

Images of all Diechmanske Library projects available here.

More information from Hav Eiendom available here.

For reasons of anonymity we will not post images of our project until after the jury announcement on March 27.


Photos by Magnus Greni

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