New Faces in the Oslo Office

from Spain, France, Poland, Norway, and the USA

Various Architects partner Jim Dodson and associate architect Leif Houck have recently been joined by Arne Reisegg-Myklestad who has been hired as a full-time architect. Arne has worked with us previously as a freelance architect on the Skagen ØKOntor project and Storgata 25. Increasing work loads and new projects have made it possible to hire Arne full time starting in February 2010.

In addition, we have also added a few new architectural interns into the rotation. Our previous intern Sara has gone back to school at AHO and Jonathan is finishing up his education back in Copenhagen. This spring we have been joined by two Leonardo scholars – Francois Chevalier from France and Carlos Gonzales Arruego from Spain. Anna Nowogrodzka from Poland will also be with us for 10 weeks as a part of her work-placement program.

VA partner Ibrahim Elhayawan will be stationed in Hong Kong as project leader for OMA’s Taipei Performing Arts Centre until September this year.