New Images – Thorvald Meyersgt 89

Illustrations for the planning application

We are putting the finishing touches on the planning application (Planskisse) for Thorvald Meyersgt 89 in Oslo this week. In order to renovate the existing historically listed structure on the corner we first have to update the zoning allowances for the project. Despite the fact that the building has been used for retail since it’s construction in 1860, the building was re-zoned to housing in the ’80s with retail on the first floor when it was slated for demolition. The building owner at the time, Thv. Gaarder-Møbler (a furniture store), fortunately avoided the proposed demolition of the whole building, but the regulation change was made anyway.

Our proposal is to restore the original corner building (now the oldest rendered masonry building in the area) to it’s original facades and roof by removing clutter and a number of pseudo-historic additions from the ’80s. The 2 storey addition in the north which has been built in phases since 1912 will be removed and replaced with a new 3 storey infill of brick and glass with a modern aesthetic which clearly separates the historical corner building from the addition. The 3 floor addition will be slightly taller than the roof of the corner building, stepping up the volume of the buildings towards the neighboring 5 storey building to the north. The building is proposed as primarily retail over 3 floors (basement, ground, and first floor) for one large shop, or it can be divided into several smaller shops with a central communication core. The third floor of the addition would contain office space in connection to the retail space below. We have included a “cafe-in-shop” proposal to illustrate the possibilities of the space in the plans.

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