On Display in London

Two of Various Architects’ projects are featured in the window display of Ramboll Whitbybird’s offices in London.

We are very pleased to see that Ramboll Whitbybird have chosen two of our projects for their changing window exhibit at their London office in 60 Newman St, near Tottenham Ct. Rd. A photograph of the printed 3D model of the Cheongna City Tower and a wireframe image of the pneumatic skin of the Arts Alliance Mobile Performance Venue are displayed next to images of the geometry of the Gazprom tower, and an image of a diagrid structure from Bournemouth & Pool College.

Various Architects have collaborated on several projects with Ramboll Whitbybird, including the Cheongna City Tower competition, the Arts Alliance Mobile Performance Venue, Schiphol Sound Barrier competition, and the recently delivered Wroclaw Contemporary Museumcompetition.

Images courtesy of Ramboll Whitbybird