Photos From Storgata 25

Co-working space expanded and re-mixed

We have reshuffled the studio space this week, expanding to fill the entire 5’th floor of Storgata 25. Our landlord (and good client) Nielsen Projsekt have moved back to their other office space, leaving us with 800 m2 of bare concrete floors and white painted walls to play in until the building undergoes its planned renovation next summer.

Four new faces have joined our co-working space recently: Two architects, an engineer, and an intern product designer. Tormod Førre is a norwegian freelance architect who just returned from 6 months in Italy at the Renzo Piano Building Workshop. Arne Reisegg Myklestad is a norwegian who recently completed his M. Arch in Copenhagen and spent the summer working at Denton Corker Marshall in London. Gaute Mo is a norwegian structural engineer who recently left Calatrava’s offices in Valencia to return to Oslo, he is still working on the Samuel Beckett Bridge in Dublin for Calatrava. Pivot have hired a new intern industrial designer, Liam Woolley from London, who will be working with them on their projects for the next year. We welcome the four of them to our space, and look forward to their input and our future collaboration with them

Meanwhile on the other side of the office, our illustrator friends from Svovel have moved across to the other side of the floor to carve out their own space with 6-7 graphic designers, journalists, and illustrators.

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