Planning Approval in Stabekk

Villa project receives support from city planners

Our Villa in Stabekk project has reached a new milestone by receiving planning approval from Bærum Kommune this week. During the planning phase the project has been the subject of criticism from three of it’s neighbors throughout the process. Their main concern being that the project “just doesn’t fit in”. In the approval statement, the Chief Planner for Bærum Kommune makes it clear that in the opinion of the city planners and city preservationists the project is in fact well integrated with the landscape and the surrounding buildings.

In the planning approval, the Bærum Planning Department (BPD) makes the following comments in their assessment: (shortened and translated to english)

“The application was received on 07/07/2009. The BPD is generally positive that you have chosen to follow the new TEK (2007) directive for energy.

The BPD comments on the neighbor complaints that the proposed design is placed relatively far away from neighboring buildings. The distance from this proposal to neighboring buildings varies from 21 to 41 meters. Between the new building and neighbors to the north-east there is an existing garage and a double row of tall shrubbery which functions as a wall. Between the new building and the neighbor directly east, which is the only house lower than the proposal, there is a relatively large open area in front of the historical building which is the proposal owner’s existing house. The neighbor across the road to the south-east is placed well away from the road. New buildings in areas of existing small scale buildings will necessarily cause a change in insight, views, and sun conditions. In this case, the BPD believes that the requirements for light, air, openness, and good outdoor spaces to be adequately safeguarded

The proposed house is lower than all of the surrounding houses except for one. In this way the new building is subordinate to it`s environment. During an on-site inspection it was noted that the most visible house in the area is the historical monument to the north seen from the road. The proposed building will be much lower than and clearly subordinate to this building historical building as well.

The facades of the proposed design are deemed well thought out and resolved in accordance to the planning regulations, both in relation to itself and the surroundings. The BPD believes that the proposed building shows sufficient respect to the special architectural and environmental character of the neighborhood. The area has some registered historical monuments, but is not regulated to a special area for historical preservation. The building is subordinate to the nearest historical buildings in relation to height, roof height, the use of wood and glass in the facades, placement in the terrain, and it’s division into several volumes which step down the terrain toward the road without making major changes in the existing terrain. All of the existing houses in the area have different forms, roof form, volume, footprint, number of floors and heights. The area has been built up over a long time and therefore there is not a uniform existing building structure or typology for the proposed house to break with. The proposed building has a size and volume within the norms of the area. The BPD does not believe that a two-family house of modest size can be seen to change the character of the neighborhood. Through it’s height, volume, and material use the proposal interacts with the existing buildings and terrain in the area to a satisfactory degree and in a satisfactory way. The BPD agrees with the statement from the historical preservation office and believes that the project’s architecture will form a contrast that will enrich the neighborhood.

The planning department does not find that the proposal is in conflict with the regulations.


Application Approved”

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