Winter Cabin Kvitfjell

Various Architects were commissioned design a modern spacious winter cabin in Kvitfjell, Norway.

The site is situated next to a ski slope with an amazing  panoramic view. The shape of the cabin offers two expressions. From the side of road as close, private, with functions as storage for skis and garage. On the other side, cabin is opening towards the view with curved glass wall. The entrance hall has low ceiling, yet as we continue further to main living area, it suddenly changes to spacious open space. The feeling is enhanced by a beautiful view in front of us framed by the cabins glass curved wall along the entire inner fasade.

The concept is to create a flow and connection between defined spaces. Each of the space enjoy day light and great view with a sense of enclosure. The floor plan is divided to common social part, guest and private part. The heart of the cabin is dinning and lounge area with a big fireplace. The private bedroom area is located close to the entrance to avoid cross circulation. The cabin includes exterior jacuzzi with sauna and gym in the basement.

Location:Kvitfjell, Norway

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