Eikefjord School

Florø Kommune invited 4 teams of architects to a compete for the redesign and renovation of Eikefjord School. Out of 35 applying teams, Various Architects together with Kant Arkitekter in Copenhagen and Grindaker Landskapsarkitekter in Oslo qualified for the competition. The existing school is to be completely rethought and expanded to house 10 parallel classes, a new gymnasium, and improved facilities for the teachers and staff.

The project motto “Alt under ett tak” (Everything under one roof) connects existing and new buildings together under one undulating roof structure. Our proposal creates a new gathering place for the local community and a modern school that provides the kinds of educational spaces that the Norwegian school reform requires. The project set out to keep as much of the existing structures as possible because they are both a economical and environmental resources. The existing buildings would be upgraded in plan to accomodate universal access and given new exterior insulation to save energy. This would allow the budgeted money to be spent on creating the best possible new buildings for the community.

The existing classrooms are used for base areas, natural sciences, administration, and personell. Existing interior brick walls were proposed moved to dissolve the existing corridor/classrom barrier. The addition of niches and glass areas in the corridor would allow them to be used for group work or as an active part of the learning environment. The new building is formed by continuing the roof peaks of the existing buildings to create a sports hall, music room, school kitchen, cafe, foyer, library, and a large open amphitheatre with stage. The undulating roof breaks down the scale of the sports hall and creates inspiring interior spaces for the students. The entrance space becomes the heart of the new school, and potentially the cultural center for the people of Eikefjord. The new building also creates a protective frame around the school’s central courtyard by screening it from the elements.

Link Signatur from Bergen won the competition with a scheme which was not unlike our own. The Jury, however, praised our project delivery by saying the following:

“Everything under one roof” has delivered particularly thourough material for the competition. An abundance of text, drawings, and reference images give an attractive impression. The design itself also shows a clear engagement and impressive well of ideas.”

Status:Invited Competition
Client:Florø Kommune
Location:Eikefjord, Norway
Size:5 500 m2
Team: Anna Nowogrodzka, Arne Reisegg-Myklestad, Carlos G. Arruego, Francois Chevalier, Jim Dodson
Partners: Kant Arkitekter