Framparken Masterplan

Various Architects was commissioned to design a new Culture House and Mosque. The client, Islamic Cultural Society, acquired the 25 000 square meter site of Handelsskolen in Larvik. The site is located nearby our previous project, Mesterfjellet Skole, and lies adjacent to Framparken sports arena and Thor Heyerdahl secondary school. 
The program includes housing complex, parking garage and a restaurant in addition to the mosque and cultural center.
Our design focuses on creating an inviting and transparent projet that gives back to the whole community. At the same time that the project expresses the fusion between Islamic background and the Norwegian context. 
The existing school is redesigned to house the cultural center and is incorporated with the new mosque structure. The housing buildings are located adjacent to the housing neighbourhood while the restaurant is placed toward the sports arenas.
The new mosque has an introverted design with emphasis on creating calm spaces. Inspired by traditional Islamic architecture, yet resolved in a modern and abstract manner creating meditating spaces with indirect natural lighting. 
The masterplan focuses on creating various outdoor areas with different activities. The cultural center create an enclosure for semi-private outdoor areas for the housing complex. The restaurant opens towards the sunny plaza that connects to preserved landscape on the site.
Type:Commercial Culture Housing Planning
Status:Masterplan / Sketch Design
Client:Islamic Cultural Society
Size:25 000 m2
Team: Ibrahim Elhayawan, Kjetil Riegel, Alexander H. Berg, Marius H. Næss