Furubråtveien 5

Various Architects has been commissioned to design an extension to an existing listed private villa in the Ekeberg hills in Oslo. The job also included to renovate the existing villa built in 1892. The design is based on the wishes of client and our discussions at meetings. We has focused on creating a harmonious solution of program and transition interior and exterior, villa and annex. The extension has been important to adapt to existing simultaneously as it gets good modern solutions and qualities. The plot gets plenty of sun and daylight from all directions as well as views of the islands and the bay.

The main house and the annex will work as one unit. The main building will hold all the main functions as well as the bedroom for the parents, while the extension will house the teenagers, and the visiting children. Better contact between interior and exterior is a desired quality. It is also designed proposals for entrance to below property that is wanted sold for residential purposes.

The extension will house bedrooms for the three teenagers, bathrooms, laundry, daily entrance for the family and a livingroom that will also function as a bedroom for the older children. In conversation with the Office of Cultural Heritage has accepted this principle with extension north of the protected existing house as long as the connection is a lightweight, transparent volume. Cultural Heritage Management proposes guiding principles as the use of wood as a facade material and gable roof.

Location:Norstrand, Oslo
Size:150 m2
Team: Alexander H. Berg, Birgitte J. Haug, Ibrahim Elhayawan, Isabell Adamofski, Kira Nasebandt