HV Family House

HV Family House is designed for our dedicated clients who requested a simple modern house for a family of six. Situated in the heart of Oslo by Tåsen metro station. The sloping site was an old apple garden with a unique view towards Oslo fjord. Various Architects designed the house in close contact with the client, focusing on qualities such as simplicity, feel of massiveness, flow, contact with the exterior and enhancing the view.

The living areas and kitchen are located on the top floor to maximize the view. The living area is designed on split levels to create flow in the house and to allow closer access to the main entrance. The Master bedroom is located half a level below the kids bedrooms for more privacy.

The exterior volume is a simple cube that has been carved to allow natural lighting and to create spaces such as the main entrance and the terraces. The roof is covered with colorful sedum plants the filter the rain water. Seen from the street the house appears calm and simple while maintaing light playfulness.

Status:Under Construction
Client:Hoffmann-Vold Family
Location:Oslo, Norway
Size:300 m2
Team: Birgitte J. Haug, Ibrahim Elhayawan, Isabell Adamofski, Amanda Costa Thompson

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