Various Architects has been commissioned to design a housing project in Larvik, a municipality in Vestfold county, Norway. The site is located at the end of the road with a complete view towards the sea, next to a green belt.

The task was to design three housing units of which one was the main house for the clients and the other two were apartments below the house.

The main challenge was to open to the views the site offered, yet at the same time maintain the privacy from each unit. The house opens completely to the west, with terraces and curtain wall windows. The apartments open to the east, getting their own individuality.

The project has split levels due to the sloping terrain, which broke the volume into two. Allowing the main house to be at the top and the apartments in the lower level. The volumes are split with a courtyard which is a private area for the house. An important element of the design, providing views, collectiveness and natural light into the house.

The house has a traditional wooden pitched-roof shape to fit with its surroundings, and it lays on a concrete base which houses the two apartments.

Status:Under construction
Location:Larvik, Norway
Team: Pauline Rossel, Kjetil Riegel, Isabell Adamofski, Noemi Fuentes, Ibrahim Elhayawan, Alexander H. Berg, Matteo Compri

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