Lederne Head Quarters

The union Lederne moved to Storgata 25 and commissioned Various Architects to design their new head quarters. The organization requested three meeting rooms, offices for the regulars at the office and work places for the visitors. The program also included a canteen and other minor office functions.

Design Concept

The design focuses on preserving the openness of the space and enhancing the relationship between the two wings of the plan. This openness allowed natural daylight to filter through the whole project. VA decided to emphasize the raw, almost industrial qualities of the space and to add new elements in the form of apparently free-standing walls. The walls were given depth to create niches for informal seating, storage, etc.

Since of the office spaces would only be staffed temporarily, VA chose to work with more abstract elements in an open landscape. This provides more flexibility in use and that the facilities become more experienced as an open abstract landscape. This gives an interesting quality to the office even when the objects are not used as work places. The elements dive into the ground and rise again as elements for eating, reception, office place, etc. The large glass walls of the fixed offices help enhance the feeling of an open space and a transparent organization.

Size:800 m2
Team: Birgitte J. Haug, Ibrahim Elhayawan, Isabell Adamofski, Magda Procházková

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