Various Architects has been commissioned to design an extension on an existing one-floor house at Røa in the West of Oslo. The original house is from 1936 and made by the famous Norwegian architect Sverre Aasland. The existing house has a view towards the Oslofjord in the South and Fornebu / Bærum in the West. The neighbourhood is characterized by all kinds of building styles from the last 80 years, and the existing house is the only one in the area with only one floor.

The main design concept was to make a modest and affordable extension that followed the existing structure and lines of the old house, while at the same time preserving the large open garden, and maximizing the view potential from the new second floor.


Status:Finished 2018
Location:Røa, Oslo
Size:304 m2
Team: Kjetil Riegel, Ibrahim Elhayawan, Pauline Rossel

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