Various Architects has been commissioned by Nielsen Project to design the renovation of the office building the housed one of the oldest cinema in Oslo. The building is named after the cinema it housed, Olympia kino. The project is a result of the a collaborative design process with the client.

The main concept is to bring back some of the historical qualities of the building in a modern way. The design focuses on the office building by creating a generous foyer in the middle of the building, sacrificing valuable commercial areas to provide special experience in such a dense area in Oslo center. This experience is enhanced by developing a green garden in the backyard and connecting the foyer to garden on different levels. The choice of material and patterns has been inspired by the original building using natural materials such as stone, copper and wood. We received positive critique from the Cultural Heritage Office for our design the focuses on renovating the facade to it´s original design and putting emphasis on universal access.

Status:Under construction
Client:Nielsen Project
Location:Oslo, Norway
Size:8 000 m2
Team: Birgitte J. Haug, Ibrahim Elhayawan, Isabell Adamofski, Israel Blasco Giménez