Oppdal Centrum Masterplan

Various Architects, together with Adept Architects (Copenhagen) and Lalaland (Oslo) have prequalified for an idea competition for a new city center in Oppdal, Norway. Oppdal is known as one of Norway’ best winter skiing destinations, and is recognized as a place with beautiful nature. Today E6 (the road from Oslo to Trondheim) cuts through the middle of town, but the road will soon be moved to a paralell path allowing for the development of a new “downtown” in Oppdal. 4 teams, out of 18 applicants, have been prequalified to present their ideas about creating the new Oppdal Centrum. The 3 other teams competing are Snøhetta, Asplan Viak, and a constellation of Narud Stokke Wiig / Rojo Arkitekter / Gullik Gulliksen / Norsam. The competition will be delivered on March 18’th.

Status:Schematic design
Client:Oppdal Kommune
Location:Oppdal, Norway
Size:60 000 m2
Team: Alexander H. Berg, Daniel Peter Barth, Ibrahim Elhayawan, Jim Dodson
Partners: Adept Architects, Lalaland - Landscape