Oslo Twin Houses

Various Architects were commissioned to design two new family houses in Nordstrand district of Oslo. The plot is characterised by it´s steep slope with amazing views on Oslo fjord. Thorough studies allowed us to reach the optimum placement to the houses on the landscape.

The houses share the same design concept,  yet each house has it´s own characteristics according to it´s position on the terrain. The base is solid, concrete while the second floor is light, wooden structure with a spacious terraces, directly connected to the terrain. Larger windows are oriented towards the view.  Parking is solved by a separate underground garage for every house.

The design of houses can be adjusted in few variations.  The living areas are placed on the first floor, while private and bedrooms are placed on the second floor. The flexibility of the design allows placing the living areas on the top floor to enjoy the amazing views of Oslo fjord.
Status:Building Permit application
Location:Nordstrand, Oslo
Size:1000 m2