Oslofjord Pool and Extension

A private client asked Various Architects to create a dramatic new swimming pool and guesthouse for their property on the island of Ulvøya in the Oslofjord. The existing house is sited on a dramatic wooded cliff, with a panoramic overview of the Oslofjord, islands, and downtown oslo. The new pool design will replace an existing pool and deck to add needed room for their growing family and visiting guests. The project will also include a wine-cellar for the client’s collection of rare and vintage wines.

After almost two years, and several revisions of the project to meet the demands of the planning department, construction has begun. The project scope has been reduced to a new pool and deck area outside, combined with a new basement extension, and complete remodel of the existing house. Extra bedrooms have been added within the existing building by optimisation of the plan and an extension under the existing balcony.

Location:Oslo, Norway
Size:150 m2
Team: Aleksandra Danielak, Ibrahim Elhayawan, Jim Dodson, Jonathan Evensen, Nora Nilsen

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