Solar Implus Mobile Hangar

Various Architects was asked to create a mobile air plane hangar for Solar Impulse, the Swiss long-range solar powered aircraft. In collaboration with engineers from Ramboll UK and developer of inflatable elements, Tectonicks, Various Architects developed a light, easily transportable structure in the form of a series of inflatable high pressure arcs. Through pressure the arcs lead weight to the ground.

The hangar is 60m long to cover the planes wingspan. Divided into 7 self bearing elements, that are easily connected to each other. They create and an efficient and dynamic form to be able to manage strong wind. The fabric that covers the wingspan is transparent to allow re-charging the solar batteries of the aircraft.To stay within weight requirements, anchoring is suggested to be provided locally where the hangar is erected. The structure weighs 900 kg, whilst the fan weigh 100 kg. The project remains within the 1000 kg weight limit demanded in the program.

Status:Concept design
Client:Solar Impluse
Location:World wide
Size:1 200 m2
Team: Aleksandra Danielak, Ibrahim Elhayawan, Jim Dodson
Partners: Ramboll UK