Design proposal for a mixed-use project in Geilo, in the valley of Hallingdal. Geilo is first and foremost a ski resort, but also offers summer activities. The site  is located on the main road of the city and offers a 360 view panorama.

The task was to develop apartments that skiers could rent when visiting Geilo along with building amenities and additional program such as restaurants, shops and playgrounds.

Our main intention was to break down the scale to fit into the village context. We separated the programme adding a base which roof’s acts as a public platform and laid on top of it the housing volumes. These volumes have the same measurements and have either an individual pitched roof or half of one.

Some of the volumes are shifted to the front or to the back to create terraces for the apartments and allow side windows for bedrooms. It was important to maintain a collective feeling and at the same time give the users privacy in their apartments. Bedrooms are placed on the north facade with smaller openings and away from the highway. Living rooms and kitchens are oriented to the south, to get more light in and enjoy full openings towards the mountains.



Type:Commercial Housing
Status:Schematic Design
Location:Geilo Norway