Various Cabins

Various Architects are designing a new range of wooden holiday cabins ranging in size from 70-120m2. Traditional materials and exterior finishes like naturally treated wood cladding and green roofs harmonize with the Norwegian landscape. Modern, functional interiors and efficient plans provide the kinds of spaces that one would expect in a modern holiday cabin. Social spaces are prioritized, with most of the designs featuring double-height living spaces with open plan kitchens and extra loft space. Various Architects have currently developed 6 different cabins that are suitable for anyone from individuals or small families up to extended families or larger groups.

The Various Cabins Series is being designed to high environmental standards. All massive-wood construction provides a low CO2 structural system and short on-site building time with a minimal disturbance of nature. Interior finishes of locally sourced non-toxic materials provide a good interior climate while well insulated exterior walls with smartly placed window openings provide views and maximise passive solar gain. All of the cabin designs will be energy efficient and designed to function off the grid with their own self-sustained solar power system, but they can be connected to the power grid if available and desired.

More information to come. For specific inquiries, or if you are interested in a custom cabin design for a particular site, feel free to contact us!

Status:Concept Design
Client:Various Architects
Size:70-120 m2
Team: Anna Nowogrodzka, Carlos G. Arruego, Jim Dodson, Tom Juul-Gam