Re:Vision Dallas Complete Description

Our 27 page text description now online

Re:Vision Dallas was an amazing learning experience for our entire team. The synergy of ideas and knowledge gathered together in our team of 27 was amazing. Keeping up with the information exchange was at times “like drinking from a fire-hose” acoording to one team member. We felt that the project coalesced into a complex work that met the requirements of the brief in a way that was both bold, buildable, and backed up by our calculations. In the interests of sharing the wealth of information and ideas that were a part of this process, we will be placing the entire competition scheme online in the next weeks.

With over 200 entries, and the competition boards being viewed on a projector instead of printed, we kept the amount of information on the boards to a minimum. The hope was that the judges would be intrigued enough to refer to the required 25 page text document. In addition to this, we submitted a 40+ page technical appendix which included all of our calculations, sketches, and a complete set of plans for every floor of the project, that would further supplement and back up the claims in the text document and on the boards.

The Re:Vision Dallas competition has been getting a lot of press lately, with the winning entries being touted for their various green merits and technologies used. We hope that the winning projects will also be published in their entirity to further add to the accumulated green building knowledge on the internet.

The slideshow above is the complete text description. The technical index will be posted at a later date.