Schiphol Prize Announcement

VA team win second place in business category

On January 23 at a ceremony held at Schiphol Airport the winner in the Schiphol: Create a Barrier of Silence was announced. All 8 finalists were present and presented their projects in front of a crowd that included Schiphol officials, netherlands press, and local residents of the Hoofddorp area. Jim Dodson from Various Architects and Lars Ostenfeld Riemann of Ramboll Denmark represented the team.

The quality of all the submitted projects was high. Despite an innovative and sustainable design, the Various Architects entry entitled “Dynamic Sculpture” received second place in the business category.

Images and information about the other projects can be found at The images from our presentation are presented above, more images and complete project description available on the Schiphol Sound Barrier main project page.

Official Schiphol Press Release follows:

‘Ecobarrier’ wins Schiphol international design contest

Today Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has announced the winner of the ‘Create a Barrier of Silence’ design competition. The winning design for an innovative noise-reduction facility at Runway 18R-36L is the ‘Ecobarrier’ submitted by Toine van Goethem. Of all entries, the Ecobarrier achieved the highest scores in terms of sustainability, innovation and noise reduction. Toine van Goethem submitted his design in the category of universities and private individuals. The winning entry in the design agencies category is the ‘Dobber’ by Brandes en Meurs, and in the business category ‘Elevation’, a design by Arup, Dura Vermeer and ONL, carried off first prize. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol received a total of 97 entries from 17 countries around the world, including China, Japan, New Zealand, the United States and several European countries.


In April 2008 Amsterdam Airport Schiphol launched an international design competition for a new noise-reduction facility at Runway 18L-36R (the Polder runway). Schiphol invited educational institutions, private individuals, design agencies and businesses to present an innovative solution for the complex problem of ground noise in Hoofddorp-Noord, produced by aircraft taking off from the Polder runway. The winning project has earned its designer a cash prize of € 750,000 (€ 250,000 as category winner and € 500,000 for the overall winning design). The two other category winners received € 250,000 each.


A clear majority of the jury selected the Ecobarrier as the best design. “The attractions of the Ecobarrier include its simplicity and its innovative and dynamic character,” said jury chairman and President of Schiphol Group Jos Nijhuis. “On top of that, the Ecobarrier contains several sustainability features, including algae cultivation and bio-fermentation, and fits well into the landscape.”

Building preparation work can begin once the zoning scheme has been approved and Air Traffic Control the Netherlands has performed the statutory design tests.


The designs were assessed by a jury that included the Schiphol Group Board of Management, Ms H.M. Blank, director of BVR adviseurs, Prof. H.A.J. Henket, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol supervisor, Mr W.M. Crouwel, architect, Mr A.J.A. Uiterhoeve of the municipality of Haarlemmermeer and Mr M.C.M. Backx, former chairman of the residents’ association Hoofddorp Noord.

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