Sneak Peak – Skagen ØKOntor

A Model for Sustainable Office Buildings in Norway

Various Architects are in the process of designing an extreme low-energy / low-carbon office building for the west coast of Norway. The project is an internal research project with a real site and a real potential client. We are developing the project, together with sustainability consultants from Ramboll UK, as a model for a sustainable office building system that is appropriate to the norwegian climate.

The newly implemented Norwegian Technical Directive TEC-2007 requires the energy calculation of all new buildings. TEC 2007 has an energy requirement of 165 kWh/m2/year (Energy Grade C) for office buildings. The ØKOntor has been calculated at 72 kWh/m2/yr (Energy Grade A+), which potentially makes it the lowest energy office building in Norway.

Energy reduction is important, but carbon emissions are also an important factor in sustainable building. With an all-wood structure of cross-laminated timber floors and walls, high levels of insulation, and both active and passive energy capture from sun, wind, and sea the Skagen Økontor has a calculated carbon emission of only 40 kg CO2/m2/year.

The above image is a work-in-progress rendering of the building on site in Haugesund. Concept design phase will be completed in December 2009. More images and information to come, soon!

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