Test inflation of the full scale mock-up

The first inflation of the full scale mock-up took place at the offices of ESS in London today.

Camilla and Ibrahim were there to record the event and to attend a project team meeting with the engineers from Ramboll Whitby-Bird, ESS, and Tectoniks.

The 4 x 6 meter unit inflated fully in just over two minutes. The pressure inside the PVC skin was enough that you could stand or sit on it without making a noticable indentation. The overall impression was that the quality was good and that the concept of the hexagonal structural skin is sound.

This is the first in a series of full scale models for the inflatable structural skin of the Arts Alliance Mobile Performance Venue. A new model representing the final build quality will be constructed and put on exhibition at a press event in London in June (date and location to be confirmed).

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