TPAC Building Site Update

We recently received updated images of The Taipei Performing Arts Center. These images were taken during the site visit by Managing Partner-Architect of OMA, David Gianotten. The images show great development on the construction site, since Various Architects partner, Ibrahim Elhayawan visited Taipei for the roof topping ceremony. Ibrahim was the project leader for OMA team through Preliminary Services phase, schematic design phase, working closely with OMA partners in charge, Rem Koolhas and David Gianotten.

The raw aluminum exterior of the spherical Proscenium Play house, the Grand Theatre and the Multi Form Theatre look stunning. The volumes of the three auditorium cantilever entirely from an incredible 55 m glass cube, which is has been nick named “The magic cube”, due to the flexibility and the unique stage configurations of the theatres.

We look forward to the completion of the whole project next year.

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