TPAC Groundbreaking

Ibrahim went to Taipei for the groundbreaking.

The construction of Taipei Perfroming Arts Center started on the 16th of February 2012. OMA asked Various Architects partner Ibrahim Elhayawan to the groundbreaking, which was led by Taiwan President MA Ying-Jeou, Mayor Hau Lung-pin together with OMA partners-in-charge, Rem Koolhaas and David Gianotthen. The ritual of the groundbreaking  ceremoney created a very positive atmosphere. It recieved a lot attention in the Asian and global media.

The project consists of three theaters that are plugged into a central glass cube. These theaters can function seperately or can be conneted together in many configurations including a Super Theater configuration with a 60-meter long stage. The central glass cube is lifted from the ground allowing the street to extend into the buliding and drawing people into the Public Loop where the heart of the building including the backstage areas are made visible to the public.

Ibrahim Elhayawan lived in Hong Kong for 16 months leading the Design Team through Prelimenery Services phase, schematic design phase and the early stages of detail design phase. VA partner Jim Dodson also joined the design team as an adivisor. This was the first time that Ibrahim had a chance to meet with the Design team since he moved back to Norway one year ago.

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