Updated Drawings in Stabekk

Revised drawings sent to planning authorities this week

In response to comments from the planning authorities in Bærum, we have submitted a revised set of drawings for the two-family house in Stabekk. The revisions dealt mostly with parking and access. The new design has been adjusted to include all 4 required parking spaces in the basement garage, which gives them more room to manouver vehicles in and out. The front stairs have also been replaced with a more accessible ramp which also makes a less cluttered entrance.

We continue to receive positive response and interest in our design from other architects and the architectural press. However, there are several neighbors who have voiced their concerns about the scheme. The main argument being that the building “does not fit in” to the neighborhood’s more traditional wooden houses. We do not agree with this criticism and believe that our scheme, which is stepped back with the terrain, is well integrated in the site. The wooden cladding and scale of the building is well suited to it’s surroundings. Interestingly, a traditional rectangular building with pitched roof would present a facade 3.5 meters taller at the street and a signifigantly larger amount of total m2 than our scheme does. With the latest minor changes, the project should meet all of the local planning requirements for the area. As such, we have every reason to believe it will be approved by the city, even if we haven’t won over all of the neighbors (yet).

All public documents related to the project are available on Bærum Kommune’s webpage here. Saksnummer: 2009007350 (in Norwegian of course).


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