“Grizzled and Modern” – VA in VG

The Arts Alliance Mobile Performance Venue was featured in a two-page article today in the norwegian newspaper VG (Verdens Gang).

The article, written by journalist Lars Elton, begins “Henrik Ibsen, an architecture background from Snøhetta, and the british Oscar-winner Vanessa Redgrave are ingredients in a story about stunning architecture and norwegian financed cultural innovation”

Elton goes on to present the concept behind the performance ID – Identity of the Soul and to tell about the design of the building. Martine Rød from Arts Alliance is quoted as saying “Performance arenas are often so ugly. This will be a beautiful building which will be noticed and give the public a positive experience”.

Tragically the poet Mahmoud Darwish died last saturday during a heart operation. His poem “A Soldier Dreams of White Lillies” is the basis of the second half of the ID performance.

In other news, the MPV has already appeared in Building magazine and Iidea. It will also be featured in Architectural Record, Surface, A10, Viewpoint, Baumeister, Archistorm, Design Interiør, and several others. Various Architects have also been selected to be included in the upcoming book “Famous Architects 2008” by Hong Kong RIHAN publishers.


“Grizzled” refers to the first line of Henrik Ibsen’s Terje Vigen – “There dwelt a lone man, grizzled and wierd, On the bare isle furthest out”. Complete poem text HERE in 13 languages.

Included above is the group photo of us they didn’t have room to publish with the article.