Wroclaw Competition Results

The Jury has chosen a winner for the Wroclaw Contemporary Museum competition. Various Architects was not among the prized projects, but we congratulate the winners and wish them luck. All submitted projects are on exhibit at the Wroclaw Architecture Museum which is next door to the competition site.

The Winners Are:

1st Place – Nizio Design International (Warsaw, Poland)

2nd Place – Vicente Guallart Furio (Barcelona, Spain)

3rd Place – Pysall Ruge Architekten (Berlin, Germany)

Honorable Mentions – Bieniasz – Nicholson Architect (Poland), M.I.A. Domicz – Pracownia Architektury (Poland), Pracownie Architektury Glowacki (Poland)

Click on the images above to see our project on exhibit in Wroclaw or see the Project Page for more images of Various Architects’ project.


*Exhibition images courtesy of Wojciech Szubinski

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