Construction begun Olympiagården!

Application for initiation of the bulding work approved!

Just as the office was closing for Summer holidays the approval for initiating the bulding work was given for Olympiagården. The work has begun and the first steps include reconstruction of the original facade from 1916, building the new fojer, refurbishing the stairwell and inserting a new handicap elevator.

Stockholm Pavilion Design Unveiled

Various Architects collaborated with Ramboll UK to deliver Stockholm Pavilion Competition. The idea of the competition is to design a mobile in 3 different sizes.

The concept is to create a flexible design based on a perfect cube unit that could be assembled in different shapes and size. These pavilions would have different functions from small kiosk to middle size restaurant. The design focuses on providing stockholm city with public service that promotes sustainability. Part of each pavilion would have a public function such as parking for city bikes or recycling units.

Gulskogen Park Competition Underway

ULOBA invited 5 teams of architects to compete for the design and development of Gulskogen area in Drammen. Various Architects have qualified for the competition together with BIG, SLA, Transsolar and Ramboll.
The task is to design a new headquarters for ULOBA in addition to providing master-planing proposal for the 25 acres site.The aim of the competition is to realize a project that will be an example of Universal design. Gulskogen Park project shall be a show case for the the equality of disabled people in the community. The project will also be a model of sustainable architecture and urban development through Future Built program.

The competition has begun and representatives from BIG and Various architects took part in the start-up seminar at ULOBA headquarters. The competition deadline is June 21st. We look forward to the collaboration with BIG, SLA and Transsolar.

VA represented in jury of students competition

Ibrahim Elhayawan is invited to be in the jury for 120 HOURS this year

120 HOURS is an international competition for architecture students. This year the West coast of Norway is the focus for the intense competition where participants get 120 hours to solve the task. It will be very interesting to see the students proposals and we hope there will be many international entries – at VA we have spread the word to architecture schools that we know from around the world to help increase a multinational list of participants.

Ibrahim Elhayawan is invited to be in the jury this year togheter with Julien De SmedtBeatrice GalileeJoakim Skajaa and Anders Sletten Eldet. The whole office at VA are looking forward to seeing the exhibition at Galleri 0047.

Mesterfjellet School under construction

Construction for Mesterfjellet School project has started and the exisiting school building has already been demolished. The project is expected to be completed in 2014.

The design of Mesterfjellet shcool is charactarized by cleanly arranging the education areas with a degree of generality that allows for different furnishings and interior concepts. In this way the teaching areas can be further developed together with the building users without having to change the overall building form or concept. The flexibility of the classrooms also allows for future changes in teaching style of philosophy as necessary.

Mesterfjellet school turns the atrium school concept on it’s edge to give the central space a connection to the world outside. This creates better daylight conditions while maintaining the synergies of placing the common functions around the center. Unlike a typical atrium school where an introverted central space is surrounded in plan by functions with and only has light from above.

Storgata Center detail design delivered

Detail Design drawings for Storgata Center are delivered.

Detail Design drawings for Storgata Center are delivered.


The client has a new vision to make Storgata Center one of the top end office buildings and commercial centers in Oslo. The project is expected to be constructed on three phases. A new entrance lobby and new elevators will be built in phase one. A new cafe outdoor areas will be built in phase two, while the commercial center will be built in phase three. Various Architects will deliver updated detail design drawings in January 2013.